Doc Rebel

Just a one man show right now.

Just one man, writing music and having fun. I would like to form a band soon if I can find the musicians that are looking to do the same things as I am, with the same focus on what the music is all about, and bringing everyone that sees the show a great time...
I am a multi talented musician who is interested in forming a band with other multi talented musicians, not divas. If you are interested, leave me a message with some sort of link to give me an idea how you play and sound. i.e. / / myspace / Facebook and the sort.

PLEASE, if your only interested in the rockstar lifestyle this isn't going to work for you, so don't bother.

Next Show

Posted on Septemeber 23rd, 2010 by Doc Rebel

Doc Rocks!

The next appearance of Doc Rebel will probably be at a open mic night somewhere, lets all go and have a great time. I will look for everyone to show up and give me, as well as the rest of the many talented musicians who are going to play there, their support.

Recent News

Posted on May 17th, 2010 by Doc Rebel

I am in talks with my good friend Randy Jaymz about collaborating on a few songs, look for them on the MySpace, and Facebook pages as well as here at as soon as they are finished, they are guaranteed to please.



I am in the process of filming a video for the Country song "You Can Blame It All On Me" Check back from time to time to be the first to see it!